Car Servicing 

If you’re concerned about a fault with your car, our mechanics can carry out a number of different car repairs to help keep your car on the road and running smoothly. We specialize in vehicle computer and electrical modules.

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Our Specialty

By employing and partnering with mechanics who specialize in vehicle control modules, computer processing units and electrical units, we proudly service the greater DC Metropolitan area (including the states of Virginia and Maryland, and the District of Columbia) and are on-call not only from our retail customers, but also from franchise dealerships for the services such as, but not limited to:

  • all types of vehicle no-start issues, the cause of which is impossible to detect;
  • all computer modules within a vehicle, including the main computer module, vehicle body control units, stability control units, etc.;
  • all issues related to electronic wiring issues, fuse-box failures, no matter how small or how big; and
  • anything else you can think of, which you might have tried all other options available, but still don't have a specific answer as to what is wrong with the vehicle.

We are the last resort before the ultimate final resort of letting your beloved vehicle go for a price that you would never let it go otherwise or not being able to enjoy your ride to the fullest. In cases where:

  • you can't get your vehicle to start, call us!
  • your vehicle doesn't keep running for some unknown reason, call us!
  • you can't enjoy your vehicle to the fullest because of a secret issue which you can't have anyone diagnose and repair for you, call us!